Coats Creative Photography | About

Not to give away my age, but I began learning photography when I was in high school and it was still film.  I spent hours in the darkroom and truly loved developing my own film, using the enlargers to create my own prints, and watching my images come to life as I agitated them in their final bath.  

I have always been interested in the technical aspects of photography and creating the most classically beautiful images.  The first 18 years of my experience was working with 100% natural light.  Recently, I have faced my fear and began using supplemental light in my images as well.  I feel like photography should be an ever evolving art and I consistently push myself into new exciting areas.  I feel like supplemental light has opened a whole new world for me and only enhanced the quality of my work.

My style is dramatic, simple, classic.  I love bold, rich colors, but not artificially enhanced.  I want you to look at your images 30 years from now and believe in the lasting power of the image.  I don't want you to look at it and be distracted by whatever the latest editing fad was at the time.  Beauty to me is timeless, the less distraction from the soul of the image the better.  I would probably shoot black and white all of the time if I could.

My love for photography evolved into my small business 7 years ago for one simple reason.  I believe in creating professional quality images and delivering them for a cost that is family and small business friendly. I have stayed trued to my business philosophy since the beginning.  Returning clients will always receive discounts for their loyalty and support of my business.